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Special Call Sign

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The Old Dominion Chapter # 202 of QCWA sponsors the operation of the Special Call Sign WW2DDM.  Operations have been conducted since the dedication of the Memorial on June 6, 2001. In addition to on-site operations, local amateurs in the area surounding Bedford, Virginia have activated the WW2DDM call from their home stations and from nearby remote locations.  They have participated in various contests including:

QCWA QSO Party, ARRL Sweepstakes, VHF QSO Party and the CQ WPX Contest.

WW2DDM has been operated on SSB, FM, CW, RTTY, PSK-31 modes on all bands from 80 Meters through 432 MHz.

 This call sign WW2DDM was selected for: (W)orld (W)ar 2 (D)-(D)ay (M)emorial

This from the National D-Day Memorial brochure:

"A massive triumphal arch with OVERLORD, the Allies' operational code name for the landing, inscribed thereon is the focal point of the monument.  The arch itself frames the Blue Ridge Mountains and directs visitors toward the Memorial's other features.  Final tribute, an inverted rifle with a helmet resting on its stock stands on the plaza near the arch.  The Victory Plaza features flags of the allied nations that particpated in Overlord.

The monument is intended to serve as a permanent tribute to the heroicAllied Forces on D-Day and, in concert with the Memorial's Education Center, as a resource for preserving and teaching the lessons and legacy of D-Day."

For more information on the Memorial, Click here: National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

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