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     Email of the Buro Manager K4UK - Stan Reas is: 
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Members of the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club of Virginia are proud to provide the World Wide QSL service for the International Morse Preservation Society, better known as the FISTS  CW Club.

FISTS members can determine who participates in the FISTS QSL Bureau - That is, those who have SASE's
on file with the Bureau.  See Item 1. in the Table of Contents below or use the "Bureau Use Search" feature.

To access the Items below click on the blue underlined word(s).

Bureau Use Search:  Provides a fast method to obtain information on which members use the Bureau
                                   or which ones QSL direct only or which ones do not QSL at all.

Bureau Status Search:  Provides a method to find out the number of cards and envelopes we have on
                                       hand for you here at the Bureau.


1.  List of the 4347 FISTS Members who HAVE  or have had envelopes on hand at the Bureau.

2.  List of FISTS Members who have 2 or more QSL cards here but we have NO envelopes on hand!
           2.a - Those who have NOT YET  furnished any envelopes or funds
           2.b - Those who we have USED their "Last" envelope

3.  List of FISTS Members that do NOT use the Bureau.
         3a. List of those who will only QSL direct.
         3b. List of those  who do not QSL at all.

4.  The  Beginner's Guide  to the FISTS QSL Bureau  - Your reference as to how we work for you.
       Note:  Please furnish # 10 Business Size (4-1/8" x 9-1/2") envelopes for SASE's - Thanks!

5.  On January 1, 2010 we began a New Approach and won't require you to send SASE's but we will
     prepare them using funds you have sent to us.

6.  The Postal Service has again changed rates.  The new Postal Rates have increased the one ounce
     cost to 49 cents. The additional ounce step is 21 cents.
     The one ounce rate to all other countries is  $1.15 - that includes Canada and Mexico
     If you send SASE's we suggest you purchase "Forever" stamps which will handle one ounce postage
     from now to forever.  Hard to believe but it is true.
                        For Tips on how to save money using the QSL Bureau.

7.  Bureau statistics and how we handle cards for those who have not responded  to our requests for SASE's

8.  Special Certificates  and QSL Cards are available for working the members of FISTS QSL Bureau.
    The most recent FISTS member who earned the "Special Achievement" Award No. 23 was Merlin, KDØV
    His Award is unique because all QSO's were Two-Way QRP on 30 Meters.

Number of Cards Handled

Cards Handled
During August 2014
Year 2014 Total
Since November 1997

Card Totals for August

Received From
Received For
On Hand


Received For
VE 0
(This side of Atlantic)

On July 21 we received 16 cards from FISTS Bureau in UK
On July 29 we received 6 from Dan Quintiliani K3DRQ

Please Remember:
If you wish to exchange QSL cards with a FISTS member through the Bureau please confirm during your
QSO that they will QSL via the Bureau.  By doing so you can know that they have SASE's on file.

DX Bureaus: Rob Walker, MØBPT runs the QSL Bureau for most DX, Nigel Hardy, ZL2TX runs the QSL Bureau for VK/ZL members and Harry Shibata - JL3AMK is the QSL Manager for FISTS East Asia.

During December we mailed card(s) to those members for whom we hadn't mailed any cards for a year.
Funds furnished by fellow members of FISTS were used for these mailings.

  To see the Mailbox at K4UK where your Envelope arrives

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